Thursday, April 8, 2010

Woohoo! Tour Demo is finally done enough for me

1. Blusher
2. Absolutely
3. Supernova
recorded by RJ Gordon with trumpet and synth on Blusher and Absolutely by Duncan Tootill.


Still booking tour, help us if you can.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This is a recent dance collaboration with choreography by Annie Rigney. All audio is created live by processing close miced cymbals. It was performed at For the Sake of Art, hosted by the Hoover Dam Collective.

Dancers - Kat Rhodes, Courtney Lopes, Lucy WIlson, Marissa Horton

The dancers performed inside a black wooden cube designed by Aaron Parsekian.
Lighting by Bryan Wodarczak
Video by Elliot Lobell
Musicians - Pete McHugh, Booker Stardrum

Some more multimedia in Brooklyn, April 10
Check it out.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Help us please!
We are trying to book a USA tour for June and July.
If you are in a city or know anybody in a city or just think we should forget about music and come weed your garden, send us an email or leave a comment

June 4 - Akron, OH
June 5 - Chicago, IL
June 6 - Chicago, IL
June 7 - Des Moines, IO
June 8 - Omaha, NE
June 9 - Denver, CO w/Zona Mexicana
June 10 - Yellowstone
June 11 - Yellowstone
June 12 - Boise, ID
June 13 - between Boise and Portland
June 14 - Portland, OR
June 15 - Olympia, WA
June 16 - Tacoma, WA
June 17 - Seattle, WA
June 18 - Seattle, WA
June 19 - Portland, OR
June 20 - Eugene, CA
June 21 - Redding, CA
June 22 - Sacramento, CA
June 23 - Bay area, CA
June 24 - Bay area , CA
June 25 - Bay area, CA
June 26 - LA/Long Beach, CA
June 27 - LA/Long Beach, CA
June 28 - LA/Long Beach, CA
June 29 - LA/Long Beach, CA
June 30 - LA/Long Beach, CA
July 1 - LA/Long Beach, CA
July 2 - LA/Long Beach, CA
July 3 - San Diego, CA
July 4 - Phoenix, AZ
July 5 - Tucson, NM
July 6 - El Paso, TX
July 7 - Dallas, TX
July 8 - Austin, TX
July 9 - Austin, TX
July 10 - San Antonio, TX
July 11 - Houston, TX
July 12 - New Orleans, LA
July 13 - Pensacola, FL
July 14 - Jacksonville, FL
July 15 - Savannah, GA
July 16 - Atlanta, GA
July 17 - Athens, GA
July 18 - Asheville, SC
July 19 - Richmond, VA
July 20 - Baltimore, MD
July 21 - Philly, PA
July 22 - Brooklyn, NY
July 23 - Providence, RI
July 24 - Boston, MA

Friday, March 19, 2010

Recording a demo

So we're mid finished on a tour demo. 4 tracks, featuring our new member Duncan Tootill on trumpet, flugelhorn, synth and sampler. Blusher and Absolutely are done, Pluto and Supernova are on the way. Thank you RJ Gordon.

I also just got my hands on our sessions for the new EP(which will be nearly identical to the tour demo but better and longer)
Mike Amacio was wondering about with a flash drive for me and I picked it up. It was held inside a postage envelope, sealed with postage on.
He told me he sent it. He lied. It's cool though, we love him anyway

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Data Dog EP and synth warehouse

Woah, earlier today I went to a synth warehouse in Hawthorne, NJ with Duncan Tootill, Adam Kastin and Weston Minisalli. Locked door, warehouse filled with analog synths and organs. Awesome spot. I want everything.
Mostly a draw bar organ and six or seven analog synths.

I heard the new Data Dog EP Night Light with Duncan and Adam. Robbie says its almost done and it sounds incredible. Really great production and songs. His mom and brother even sing in a choir at one point.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Date Tree

Duncan Tootill

So I think maybe the whole multimedia Elemeno thing has been a failure, so I'm starting an improv multimedia group called Date Tree with a rotating cast of dancers, musicians and visual artists. Last night was the first attempt with Duncan Tootill, Matt Gaffney, RJ Gordon, Annie Rigney, Lucy Wilson and myself. It was fun, and super loose.

Matt Gaffney

Date Tree sort of began this last summer with a few recorded improvs by Scott Davis, Duncan Tootill and Myself. I won't post them because they're both about 20 minutes long and contain less than 5 minutes of awesome each, though they were a lot of fun (and the only recording in existence that I play drum kit on)

Annie Rigney

Pictures by Jess Lehrman


Friday, February 12, 2010

Shack Attack Compilation - Drop Records Not Bombs

Elemeno is featured on another comp! Shack Attack released the Drop Records Not Bombs comp mid february.
Stream it here -> Shack Attack

Some awesome-o songs. Check out our tune from the November 09 demo Chapter One

I would post the cover, printed by Spencer Alexander, but I can't find a digital version. Trust me, it's cool (and green)